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The Scott Viking 1 is presented to The Gliding Heritage Centre!

The Viking 1 arrives at Terlet

Saturday 1st August 2015 will go down as a historic day for the Gliding Heritage Centre

Jim Van Aalst presents Bob with a cheque for 1000 Euros on behalf of the Dutch Vintage Glider Club (VHZ)

At the 43rd International Vintage Glider Club rally at Terlet airfield in the Netherlands; we were absolutely delighted to be presented with the one and only remaining Scott Viking glider.

In a simple ceremony, Bob van Aalst presented the glider that had belonged to his friend Willem den Baars to the GHC.

The purchase of the glider was financed by an appeal organised by Bob and so generously donated to by 76 fantastic benefactors and organisations to raise the 8200 Euros asking price.

The Dutch Vintage Glider Club (VHZ) donated a sum of 1000 Euros towards the appeal, along with many members of the VHZ who made their own donations as well as members of the International Vintage Glider Club and the Gliding Heritage Centre.

Willem den Baars and the Scott Viking model

As a token of gratitude to agreeing to the sale of the glider; Bob Van Aalst presented his friend Willem den Baars with a special hand carved model of the Scott Viking

The Gliding Heritage Centre presented Bob with the very first Gliding Heritage Centre medal created by GHC membership secretary Mark Wills.

We would like to thank Bob, Sylvia and his family for their tireless efforts with fundraising, Willem den Baars for kindly agreeing to the sale, and to all of you listed here that felt that this was such a worthy project and who so kindly and generously donated to this appeal.

Bob receives Gliding Heritage Centre medal No. 1 from Colin Simpson and Gary Pullen

Finally, we should also thank Colin Simpson for the tireless efforts that he has put in liasing with Bob in Holland over the last two years and the enormous emotional investment that he has personally put into the project.

The following morning after the ceremony Gary and Colin set about the task of finding out how to fit safely and securely the Scott Viking into a trailer more accustomed to housing a SZD Bocian 1D, with the help of cushions, some old Dynema rope and the rather ingenious use of a deadman fitted upside down in the trailer.

I'm happy to report that the glider arrived safely at Lasham in the small hours of Monday morning!

The Scott Viking made her first appearance in the Gliding Heritage Centre hangar on Thursday 6th August as a static exhibit along with the donors plaque. Work will be required to bring her into an airworthy condition which will be enthusiastically undertaken by GHC volunteers. When she flies again she will no doubt be one of the most historic and unique gliders in the heritage centre fleet.

The Scott Viking 1 in the GHC hangar, Lasham

She's Back Home!