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History in flight

Welcome to the largest collection of historic gliders in the UK.

Explore the Past, Preserve the Future - Discover The Gliding Heritage Centre Today!


Our primary aim is to preserve our British gliding heritage and make it accessible to everyone.

Whether you would like to learn more about  gliding history or you already have an interest in gliding, why not visit us and see historic gliders close up? 


As you explore our site you will learn about our collection and aims.

We are a registered charity, run entirely by volunteers.


Our members are working hard to preserve this unique collection. They also want to ensure the necessary skills required to keep vintage gliders airworthy are retained for the benefit of future generations.

Aerial View of the Gliding Heritage Centre
Discover the history of gliding and the GHC's work to preserve this

See what we have achieved in 10 years and our plans.

Learn About Historic Vintage Gliders

We have tours every Sunday and by prior arrangement.

Explore our collection of historic vintage gliders

Learn more about our gliders.

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